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Aug 2011: City of LA adopts Gaia.
Aug 2011: Trees for the Future adopts Gaia.
May 2011: Sustainable Harvest International adopts Eurisko Gaia.

 Restore Green image of Mother Earth
 Increase Green Awareness
 Use social networking, the world's most adopted technology to promote the most urgent case, the green case
To check the different features of our Green Social Network, visit our pre-release version on Facebook platform here

" The NFF is excited to partner with Eurisko Gaia with a technically advanced Facebook application that will harness the power of social media to engage Americans in the restoration and stewardship of our incredible 193 million-acre National Forest System." - Greg Peters, Development Program Coordinator, National Forest Foundation

" Eurisko Gaia has the potential to positively impact, not just the environment, but the world’s community and the way we view our contribution to the world. They have created a simple way for the whole world to take responsibility for our future." - Alex Davis, CEO, Inside 80

" We are very excited to be partnering with Eurisko Gaia to provide social network users with a simple way to help reverse tropical deforestation and to preserve our global environment." - Christina Venessa Becherer, Institutional Giving Director, Sustainable Harvest International

" Gaia is a smart and easy way we can replenish our forests. The cyber age can replenish our great mother." - Shiva Rose, Actress, Activist & Writer
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